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What are the Academy of Arts and Science's DCP Specs?
What do we need from you?

The Academy of Arts and Sciences

What are their DCP specs?



24- or 48-frame progressive scan Digital Cinema format with a minimum projector resolution of 2048 by
1080 pixels.


Image Type

Source image format conforming to ST 428-1:2006 D-Cinema Distribution Master—
Image Characteristics; image compression (if used) conforming to ISO/IEC 15444-1 (JPEG 2000)


Audio Channels

5.1 or 7.1 channels of discrete audio are the preferred audio configurations. The minimum for a non-mono configuration of the audio shall be 3 channels as Left, Center, Right (a LT/RT configuration is not acceptable).


Audio Bitrate

The audio data shall be formatted in conformance with ST 428-2:2006 D-Cinema Distribution
Master – Audio Characteristics and ST 428-3:2006 D-Cinema Distribution Master Audio Channel
Mapping and Channel Labeling.

What Do We Need From You?


ProRes or DNxHD/HR file you mastered your movie in. If you finished in 4K or 2K, that file is preferred. Movies delivered in 1080p HD will require a mild blow-up to 2K.


A six-channel 5.1 mix is preferred but stereo will suffice. Audio should be embedded in the QuickTime file with picture or delivered as individual mono WAVs that match picture length exactly. Audio should be 24 bit, 48kHz and laid out as follows: L R C LFE Ls Rs.


We can accept files either through FTP, WeTransfer or Dropbox (if file size is manageable), or you may ship your drive directly to us (please include a return label or FedEx/UPS account number with your drive if you can't print a label out).

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