But How Much Does It Cost?

We have tried to keep our price structure simple. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly for a free quote!
DCP Conversion Rates -
2K Feature (over 30 minutes) - $5 per minute
2K Short (under 30 minutes) - $150 flat
4K Feature (over 30 minutes) - $10 per minute
4K Short (under 30 minutes) - $300 flat
Storage (Drive) Options -
USB Drive - $15
Hard Drive (including enclosure) - $100
CRU Drive (including Pelican or similar case) - $200
Quality Control -
In House QC (desktop computer) - FREE
Theatrical QC Spot Check (30 minutes) - $50
Additional DCP copies - $30, plus cost of drive
We will ship anywhere, and in any manner you choose at your expense.
Quick Example -
90 minute 2K film x $5 per minute = $450
include Hard Drive with enclosure at $100
include Theatrical QC at $50
Total cost (not including shipping) = $600

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